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Welcome to The Wordary

Purveyor Of Artisanal Transcripts

The Wordary is a boutique service for audio transcription with a

specialty in podcasts.


Why call it “The Wordary”? Because we think of our service in

old-fashioned terms. We may be a digital service,

but we’re focused on an artisanal attention to detail

and a quality that evokes the care of a handmade craft.


There was a time when your town might've had an apothecary,

a  bakery, and a haberdashery. If you needed medicine,

baked goods,  clothes, or anything else, you knew where to go.

The proprietors knew you and what you needed.

That’s who we are at The Wordary. 

When you want bespoke quality

from people who share your priorities, 

We’re the Place You Go for Words

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Why Transcripts?

Your podcast needs transcripts for a ton of reasons. Some of those

reasons help your listeners. Some of them are totally selfish! But all of them

help get your podcast in front of more people, more easily.


People who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have auditory disorders can find

transcripts helpful or even necessary. You want everyone to experience

your hard work and shining personality, right?



Expand your reach. We all know someone who’s “not a podcast person.”

When one of your fans sends them a link, are they going to actually listen?

What if they could read instead?


Plus, transcripts are fantastic for SEO and improving your footprint online.

You suddenly have an ocean of text online! That helps search engines find

quotes from you and serve them up to people who are searching for the

topics you cover, which means fresh eyes to your website who could

become listeners or supporters.



If you, or a fan, or anyone else wants to revisit who said what and where,

transcripts are the quick and easy way to find an excerpt, instead of digging

around the episode where they think they heard you say something… until

they give up. You’ll have every word of your podcast instantly searchable!

Why Transcripts?

Why Choose Wordary?


We specialize in podcasts. Your conversations should feel the same in text as they do in audio, and we’re experts in making that happen. We want your message and personality to shine through, instead of delivering a lifeless dictation.


Your podcast deserves accuracy that you can’t find in an automatic transcription. Automatic captioning services are… shaky at best. They’re great if you’re spinning their failures out into comedy. They’re not great if you’re relying on them.

With The Wordary, you get the quality of a transcription made by a dedicated expert, not an underpaid gig worker cramming in transcriptions between their third and fourth jobs.


The Wordary works by hand. And since you have an actual human working with you, you have choice and flexibility in the appearance and format of your transcription. (And any special requests you may have.)



We’re a small shop, so you can actually save money compared to many of the big transcription services. You’re not paying an app company to hire strangers that quit in two weeks. You’re not paying a tech company to use their stagnant AI. And you’re not paying for a thoughtless glob of words that still need hours of work to complement your podcast. Middlemen add a lot of overhead, so we don’t have one!

With The Wordary, you’ll always have the same transcriber.


When you build a relationship with a professional, they have the context and insight to serve you better than any AI or any stranger. Trust is everything in business. That's why we like to go to the same hairstylist, tattoo artist, doctor, mechanic, and so on.


And thanks to this relationship, your transcripts will be both consistent and adaptive. Your transcriber will understand running themes, (whether those are big philosophical ideas or recurring gags), references to previous episodes, personal idiosyncrasies, and more. They’ll know you, your subject matter, and your habits, and can deliver a product you can rely on. (At the big companies, you’ll get whoever’s free, so you’re playing dice each episode with whether or not your transcriber will know or care who you are or what you’re doing.)


One more perk? Your transcripts come to you like magic! When you publish your episode, your transcriber will already know when and where to find it. They’ll transcribe it right away and send it wherever you like. (With a big company, you have to do the legwork yourself! Create an account, log in, upload audio, fill out forms, wait for your transcript, try to log in again, realize you’ve forgotten your password – ugh! – log in, download your transcript, and then post it, every week!)


Are you using the same hosts, editors, producers, webmasters,

and assistants for every episode?


Your transcriber should be part of your team too.

Why Wordary?

Our Clients

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Ologies with Alie Ward

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Love What You Love

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Flash Forward

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Advice for/from the Future


Standard Service

Polished to your style and formatting specs; customized to match your podcast’s image, spirit, and brand. Includes smart, light edits for readability and triple checked for 99% accuracy.

1-3 Speakers, 7-day = $1.50 per audio minute

Quick Draft Service:

Ideal for personal use
Faster turnaround
Less accurate (85%ish) due to speed
(Proofreading and Research not included)

Still pretty awesome

1-3 Speakers, 3-Day Turnaround = $0.80 per audio minute

Additional Options

4+ Speakers +25% 
3-Day turnaround +25% 
Specialized Topics (involving deep research) +25% 
Add timestamps 2/page +10 cents/minute

Hands Typing
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Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you and meet the team at your podcast. Contact us using this form or email us at and we'll respond expeditiously!

Please include details about what you’re looking for: Any special requests, unique topics, links to existing episodes, and anything else that may be helpful.

Thanks for submitting!

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About The Wordary

Established in January 2021

Nestled in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri


Founder and proprietress Emily White began transcribing in 2013 for an exclusive transcription company known for high standards. She gained experience transcribing for international clients in many settings, including market research, court reporting, college lectures, academic interviews (including research for academic papers and theses), and journalists for Financial Times and New Scientist.


In 2019, she began working for podcasters and innovating how to serve them better with bespoke transcription that respects their brands and fosters the personal connection

between creators and their listeners.


Wordary’s mission is to make spoken word accessible for all and to put the wisdom of conversations in writing. We believe that knowledge is power and access to information is a right.

We’re acting on that belief.


Just as our work is rooted in a commitment to equality and justice, our finances are as well.

Currently, 6% of our revenue is split and pledged to:

Osage Nation Foundation (3%) (1%)

International Justice Mission (1%)

Haven of the Ozarks (1%)

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